Monday, October 12, 2009

27 dresses

In August, I was honored to stand up with one of my best friends as she married her prince charming. It was  one of the most beautiful weddings, not to mention days, that I have ever seen. I paid close attention as she planned every precise detail through the months, and even got to participate in some of the planning... cake testing! Since she cannot eat gluten, dairy, or soy, she needed some fresh taste buds to pick out what would be quite the discussion piece for a beautiful reception. Everything from the invitations, to the flowers, to the sparklers that made a tunnel for their grand departure, was chosen with so much perfection and presented in a grand, elaborate way! Needless to say, everyone had a great time, the food was amazing, the music was rockin' and the wine never let up!

The Beautiful bride and her bridesmaids.

Brittany and I enjoying the evening

Cute couple dancing ; )

Not only was Brit's wedding fabulous, but another great friend of mine married her prince in May. So, to Nashville I flew to be apart of her wedding. I have known Jen since 4th grade, so it was special for me to be a part of her wedding, as it will be special for me to have her a part of mine. Once again, another beautiful wedding in a peaceful garden setting. Well, peaceful may be pushing it to say the least. During the 20 minute ceremony, sirens went flying by that set a car alarms off, squawking birds flew overhead, and even an ice cream truck with cute little childhood tunes strolled through the neighborhood. Caught in such a beautiful moment of the couple saying their vows, it was hard to hold back the laughter because of all the loud sounds. It ended up being another wonderful wedding with another beautiful couple.

Eating goldfish and fruit snacks with Jen before the walk down the aisle

Plums in the pink room. I loved these dresses!

Last February (2008) ANOTHER wedding was added to my list. A great friend, who stood right by my side through nursing school, married her Army man, Phil.  A beautiful Boulder wedding, with a romantic ambience and good company, will forever be in my memory. Emily was a beautiful bride!

E squared (Emily and Emily)

 Great friends of mine are getting married in June and October (I will be standing up in both of them). I cannot wait for next summers wedding season. "True love is the souls recognition of its counterpoints in another"- haha
I am truly blessed to have such great friends who think of me as someone they want standing up with them in the most special day of their lives! I can't wait for my special day now... I'm getting so used to being a bridesmaid, it'll be so strange when it will be my special day, all about me... I can't wait!

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This is really sweet Em...I enjoyed reading your thoughts. Being in all these weddings will give you many wonderful memories...not to mention all the beautiful dresses!!

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